University of Nebraska Medical Center

Presentation Using QuickTime Recording

Thursday, January 12th | 1:15-2:00pm CT | Truhlsen Event Center, UNMC
Session Type: Digital Poster Session

Project Tools Used: Quicktime, MacBook

Project Summary: I chose this project as a way to showcase a relatively easy method of enhancing a presentation with computer generated graphics, videos and demonstrations. This project enabled me to demonstrate an interactive e-learning module in a constantly streaming format. I was able to focus on the material and the audience without the need to switch between devices and software programs.
The project itself is used in the clinical preparation of second year dental students. It supports the mission of creating premier educational programs with innovative approaches and current technology. The project appeals to contemporary learners with its activity and dynamic visual effects and supports the digital campus initiative through the use of Apple products. The project also aligns with the learning-centered educational goal of UNMC’s strategic plan by engaging current learners.

Quicktime Tutorial




Mary Lynn Froeschle, DDS, MBA, Adult Restorative Dentistry Department, College of Dentistry