University of Nebraska Medical Center

Student Experience


1. Empower Students to Succeed with Digital Inclusion

A. Learning environments should offer a uniform experience throughout the campus 

To provide a uniform experience, the recommendation includes: 

1. Connected Campus: Provide reliable cell phone coverage and network accessibility (wired and wireless) at all locations, including Nebraska Medicine clinical and green spaces

2. Information Technology Asset Management process that tracks institutional technology investments, current state, and recommendations needed to ensure a uniform experience

3. Learning Space Sustainability Plan, which includes standards, schedule of upgrades, depreciation, lifecycle schedule, and sustainable funding models for office and classroom technologies. Assure the plan aligns with the Facilities Management & Planning Master Plan and college projected instructional strategies

4. Offer online resources to assist with student onboarding 

2. Technologically Empower Students for Success

A. Simplify access

B. Fund and implement a physical student Information Technology Help Desk 

C. Provide student device discount program  

D. Creation of an Information Technology service catalog that contains information outlining Information Technology services offered to students, faculty, and staff  

E. Define and implement standards for faculty and program usage of the Learning Management System and educational applications  

F. Enable all colleges and students to have access to an EPIC sandbox-learning environment 

G. Offer a student learning and study system with the ability to curate resources within the course and external to the Learning Management System