University of Nebraska Medical Center

Epidemiology iBook

Thursday, January 12th | 1:15-2:00pm CT | Truhlsen Event Center, UNMC
Session Type: Digital Poster Session

Project Tools Used: Apple iBook was used to create this book. This is a fairly easy tool to assemble (and continue to modify) content that can be distributed to students.

Project Summary: I teach an introductory course in Epidemiology to graduate students. This is a completely online course which attracts students from different educational disciplines. Oftentimes, students are surprised and overwhelmed by the parts in this course that require computations. Students often ask for practice questions. I thought of designing this iBook that will serve as supplementary practice material for video lectures, notes and textbook. This format is perfect for the online format of this course. Practice questions in this book will give greater confidence to students as they take quizzes, exams or other assessments in this course.


Veenu Minhas, MPH, PhD, Department of Epidemiology
College of Public Health